best mangoes in Delhi


It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t like eating mangoes? If you ask me, I love it like anything…

Being a Delhiite, we all are fortunate enough to have mangoes sourced from different states of India. Perhaps, we have access to mangoes from different parts of the world as well!

The craze of Delhi people can be best portrayed from the fact that everyone from small kids to old people, everyone wants to gobble up this scrumptious fruit. As summer starts, different varieties of mangoes start arriving in the market. Delhi is famous for organizing International mango festival that displays all varieties of mango such as Alphonso, Chaunsa, Dasehri, Neelam, Sindoora etc. This year mango festival was organized from 24th June to 26th June. Let’s discuss some of these varieties in detail:


Alphonso is counted among famous mango varieties and possess very sweet and buttery taste. Some Delhites use it as a dessert while some include it in main course item. The color of this variety is perfect golden and is famous for its sweetness.


The color of this mango variety is golden yellow and is known among the sweetest mangoes in India. It is sweet in taste and imported in heavy quantity like Alphonso. It is consumed during the month of July & August.


It is long in shape but of medium size. The color of this variety is greenish yellow. It’s a fiber less mango and known as best mango in India.  It is very popular among all varieties and its taste is so sweet that Delhiites have become addicted to its taste.


This variety is loved a lot by mango lovers in Delhi. Like Dasehri it is also of greenish yellow color and includes very soft & sweet pulp. The shape of this mango is oval shaped and is loved by Delhiites a lot during summer season.


Safeda is a mango variety available in yellow color and taste of this best mango in India is very sweet without any fibres. The skin of this variety is very thin and is also famous by the name Baganapali.


It’s the juiciest variety for mango lovers in Delhi.  Kesar comes in golden color and available in saffron fragrance. The famous Aamras is prepared from this Kesar & loved by all Delhi people.


This variety is available in yellowish red color and it tastes amazingly sweet. It is well-known among famous varieties in India and loved by Delhiites a lot. It’s the most consumed variety of mangoes.


As the name suggests, it’s of red color like Sindoor. It’s the juiciest & pulpiest variety of mango and known as the best mango in India. It is the tastiest mango and most consumed variety by Delhi people. You can enjoy it from the months of May till July.

So, pick your favorite mango variety today and delve into the pleasure of eating the most palatable fruit on earth!


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