Buy Branded Perfume Online In India At Cheapest Rates

Perfume Addiction brings you the latest collection of the branded perfumes online for the shoppers across all the major cities of India. The exclusive website provides an opportunity for online shoppers to select from the best brands of perfumes available at the cheapest rates.

With a huge range of brands available online, the site offers the largest selection of both women’s and men’s fragrances. They offer their customers to shop by their gender or by the brands.


The Range of Brands:

They have in their collection a range of more than 100 international brands of perfumes and deodorants. Starting from Chloe, Beyonce, GUCCI, to Dior, Diesel and fcuk, they cover everything HOT.

All the latest collections of all the top rated international brands of perfumes and deodorants are available in this website at a heavy discounted price. Shoppers can not only enjoy the wide range of products but can also avail them for a much cheaper price, when compared to the regular retail stores.


Women’s Collection:

They offer the latest collection of all the women’s perfume brands. Starting from Britney Spears to Burberry, Azzaro to Gucci, they cover all the different styles and fragrances for all different occasions.



They cover all the latest introductions of the perfume brand Britney Spears. Targeted at a younger consumer base, this brand of perfumes is available at a much discounted price at their website. The attractive packaging along with the trademark fragrances makes this brand of perfume, a hot favorite among their young visitors.


Burberry perfume brand

They also have a collection of Burberry perfume brand, which is actually scarce in India. They are the only website in the country to offer such a huge discount on the products of this brand.


Benetton’s perfume brand

Perfume Addiction is one of the premier collectors of Benetton’s perfume brand. All the latest collections are available at a huge discounted price and are first available, online, only on their exclusive website.




They are the only branded perfumes’ online store in India that brings the latest collection of Prada and Gucci collections for shoppers across all the major cities of India.


Men’s Collection:

Their men’s perfume collection is better than any retail store in India. The variety is huge and the discounts are even better. All the latest collections, introduced by the brands like Alfred Dunhill, Paco Rabanne, Antonio Banderas and many more, are available at their online store.


Azzaro Chrome

They offer huge discounts on their Azzaro perfume collections for men. The unique packaging and the delightful fragrance have made this brand a popular choice among their male consumers.


ALFRED DUNHILL 51.3N EDT 100ML FOR MENAlfred Dunhill is also one of their most popular men’s perfume brands and for each product they provide almost 50% discount. All the latest collection of this British brand is made available to their consumers in India.


Antonio Banderas Blue Seduction


They are the online branded perfume store in India that brings the latest collections of the brand Antonio Banderas. The range of perfume available is huge and also the price offered is much less than any retail counter.

The site guarantees quality latest products of all the brands and gender wise categories of perfumes.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit Perfume Addiction today and get your choicest perfumes at throwaway prices.

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