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No role players stand up and take responsibility, Jackson will not arrange tactics for these people, arranged, and no strength to execute. Bryant took a step to pull the jumper, the ball wide of his teammates block, Wang Jun easily won the backboard rebounds. Hinrich to bring the ball to the front, single handed left boxing to his teammates playing the signal. Smash thought he would have to waste time, do not press, put a distance of two steps waiting. His mind already has a concept, that Hinrich will not be shot, so Wang Jun side cover the ball, and today he almost nothing to do in the defensive end. However, CASP it exam Kirk CASP Hinrich in the middle of the road suddenly the ball to a dry pull thirds, just the signal is to David Lee attention to scraping offensive rebounds, clenched fist is on behalf of the fifth bit. Hinrich cast a very firm, Smush is less than ready, but a slight interference hand, the ball into the, 78 to 57. The ball against the Lakers a big difference, the difference widened to 21 points. On the offensive team, 21 points are likely to catch up, but the Lakers today, in CompTIA Certification addition to Kobe Bryant, no one score in double, to catch up with too difficult. The second half of the third quarter, the Bulls formation completely opened, Wang Jun to attract the defense on the side, so teammates attack Miem side, maintaining a.

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CAS-002 CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP) CompTIA CASP