10 Tea Time Snacks Delhites Love The Most


Tea is an Indian beverage that’s never enjoyed alone and same is the case with Delhiites who love teaming it up with different snacks.

Let’s have a look what makes the best tea time snacks for Delhi people:


Bhujia is very common snack among all tea time snacks that is loved by all Delhiites. Whether we’re drinking tea at our home or at some other’s place, this snack will be served for sure.

Navrattan Mixture

This navrattan mixture is something that will add delight to your tea time. It’s liked by people of all ages and is counted among best tea time snacks. Once you start eating you can become addicted to its taste.

Biscuits & Rusk

Tea becomes more delightful with these best tea time snacks as you can dip them in your tea and enjoy the combination. Biscuits and rusks come in different varieties. Those who are diet conscious can buy calorie free biscuits.


Sandwich is the best Delhi food served along with tea. It can be served in different varieties such as Vegetable Sandwich, Cheese Sandwich etc. You can prepare it with brown bread also if you’re tensed about your weight.


Samosa is the most famous snack among all Indian tea time snacks. Samosas stuffed with potatoes are served with chutney and it becomes best combo when you have chai to consume with it. You can try different varieties of Samosas like Paneer Samosa, Veg Samosa etc.

Aloo & Pyaz Ke Pakode

Pakode can be homemade or can be bought from the market. Garam Pakode and Chai is the best combo during rainy season. You can use them as tea party snacks too as it comes in different varieties.


Kachori can be sweet as well as savoury and in both ways it forms best combination with tea. It’s the best tea time snack and is served with sabzi as well as chutney. It’s up to you as which taste you want to choose.

Potato Chips

Potato chips are the favorite tea time snacks for kids as well as adults. They can be quickly prepared and served when guests arrive suddenly.  Perhaps, they are all-time favorite of both adults and kids because of their crunchiness and crispness.


Another best tea time snack is Matri that will add taste to your tea. Made out of fine wheat flour (maida) and semolina (sooji), it’s an addicting snack because when you start eating it’s difficult to control and it tastes amazingly good.


Cake comes in different varieties and can be served during tea party snacks to make the party more delicious.  It’s a sweet snack liked by all and for all those who are vegetarian it comes without egg as well.


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