best biryani in Delhi


Well, you don’t need to head to Hyderabad for eating biryani as Delhi has some of the best biryani joints in Delhi. You’ll get all kinds of biryani in the capital.

Let’s see where you can gobble up lip-smacking and sizzling biryanis in Delhi:

Kolkata Biryani House

@CR Park

If you’re in search of best biryani restaurant in Delhi, Kolkata Biryani House will end your search. This place serves hot & delicious Biryani in Delhi city using Flavored Rice, Meat and Potatoes.

Tipu Sultan Biryani

@Batla House Bus Stand

You must taste the yummy Raita and amazingly delicious Tender Chicken Chunks of this place. This place is serving delightful and best chicken biryani in Delhi.


@Multiple locations across city

If you’re a big fan of Lucknow’s Dum Biryani, visit once Alkakori Alkauser. You will become a fan of this place as it is famous for serving best biryani in Delhi.

DilPasand Biryani

@Jama Masjid

As the name suggests, biryani served here is Dil Pasand for everyone. You must have tasted Delhi food for various restaurants but this place is truly a paradise for foodie people.

Deez Biryani & Kababs

@ Multiple locations across city

This place is known for serving best chicken biryani in Delhi such as Haryali Chicken Biryani, Chalu Biryani, Ali Chicken Biryani, Mutton Biryani and Boneless Chicken Biryani. It is the cheapest & best place to eat food.

Al Jawahar

@Opp. Jama Masjid, Old Delhi

This place serves Mughal’s best food in Delhi among them Mutton Biryani is considered as the most delicious. This place won’t disappoint you as every single dish on their menu has unique taste that can make you visit here again and again.


@Jama Masjid Lane, Old Delhi

This place has many food items along with biryani that are amazingly delicious such as Mutton Burra, Mutton Qorma, Nahari, Brain Curry etc. Mutton biryani served here is the best biryani in Delhi.

Haji Noor Mohammad Biryaniwale

@EliachiWaliGali, Near Turkman Gate, New Delhi

They prepare Biryani using special method in which it is cooked whole night in brass utensils using low flame. This place will fulfil your desire of tasting most delicious biryani in Delhi.

Babu Bhai Barwarchi Biryani

@Mathura Road, Pragati Maidan

It is an amazing place serving best food in Delhi such as Matka Paneer, Mutton Biryani, and Chicken Biryani etc. The food served here is divine as it will remind you of Mughal days.

Nasir Iqbal Biryani

@Hazrat Nizamuddin West, Nizamuddin

If you want to taste the best Chicken Biryani in Delhi, this place has Mutton Biryani, Moradabadi Biryani and so many other varieties that will make you love this place. Do try their sweets as they have fabulous taste.


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